Next SCIP East Africa webinar on Competitive Intelligence Techniques Dec 6th

They Did What? 6 Competitive Intelligence Techniques to Beat the Competition.

That’s the title of the next SCIP webinar at Innovation Space and it’s continuing the series from the first webinar, which focused on Blue Ocean Strategy. Here’s a blurb from the flyer:

Many organizations are buried in data, so much so that Big Data is no longer a buzz word but a fact, and data scientists are now in vogue. But data alone has never provided an answer to business questions. In fact as any long term player in any industry will tell you, the ability to recognize trends and patterns in their early stages is one of the keys to long term business health and prosperity. Presenters Sean Campbell and Scott Swigart/Cascade Insights, will provide you the tools to not only increase your pattern IQ, will teach you how to apply the patterns yourself in your own business.

Attendees will be able to better observe their current business environment Orient more quickly to what they identify as business challenges And more rapidly decide on whether inaction or action is the best choice in a given circumstance. Webinar is especially aimed at MBA students and young executives.

Register here or by email to Ande, and enjoy learning from practical exercises, learn from projects relating to strategic thinking, strategic analysis and strategic planning!

Webinar will be held at Innovation Space on Thursday, December 6th, 2012 at 6-8pm.

Download event flyer in pdf

Download event flyer in pdf


3 thoughts on “Next SCIP East Africa webinar on Competitive Intelligence Techniques Dec 6th

  1. Hi,

    I came for this and did not find anyone there for the webinar. Did I get the location wrong? I went to the Innovation space…

    • Hi Geoffrey,

      I don’t know what happened either. It was supposed to be at the Innovation Space. I left the speakers and projector for Ande as agreed because I couldn’t be there but then I heard they were never picked up. Apologies, I’ll try to find out what happened.


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