Project showcase & Office hours with Tech in the World team on Jan 9th

Happy New Year everyone! How about kicking off year 2013 by sharing what we are working on, giving and getting feedback and advice?

To do this, we are organizing a combined project showcase & technical office hours session on Wednesday next week, January 9th 13.00-16.00. Idea of the session is that in this session anyone can stand up, take a floor and introduce what you’re working on in your own way – it can be a short presentation, demo, or just your own verbal description of the idea. You can ask specific questions, advice or feedback from the audience to get further with your project. You can also present a technical challenge or problem you’re experiencing and the audience will try to help you. The only rule is that all advice and feedback must be constructive and positive, so no one needs to be afraid that their idea will be shot down or criticized.

Tech in the World team visiting Innovation Space on Jan 3rd

Tech in the World team visiting Innovation Space on Jan 3rd

We also have an exciting group of visitors for this session, the Tech in the World team. Brandon, Joshua, Salvatore and Christian are computer science students and teaching fellows from Harvard University, and they are working here with the Bienmoyo Foundation and Association for Private Health Facilities in Tanzania (APHFTA) for a month to create much-needed apps for health clinics and medical records. The team is also accompanied by film student Mateus who is making a documentary of the team’s journey.

The team would like to get to know local developers and computer science students, and said they would be happy to give some guest lectures on their areas of expertise and technical advice in projects to learn what people are working on. So this session will be a great opportunity to get to know each other and we can also see what themes and topics are the most interesting for the guest lectures.

There’s no need to register, just come to the Innovation Space (COSTECH-building or Sayansi ground floor, Kijitonyama) on Wednesday (Jan 9th) at 1pm, and be willing to share a bit of what you’re working on!

UPDATE 6.1.2013 9.54am: Added location information


3 thoughts on “Project showcase & Office hours with Tech in the World team on Jan 9th

  1. I am doing well I thank Almighty God for enabling me to be alive this year also i appreciate your invitation i hope to attend but i would like to know where it will be held. I would like to be in the list of the presenter. Thank you.


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