Public seminar at COSTECH: The Role of Entrepreneurship & Innovation for Development

There’s an interesting public seminar tomorrow, Friday January 11th, 9am-12.30pm in the COSTECH conference room, please have a look at the press release (download pdf) and join if you’re interested:

The Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH), is hosting a Public Seminar titled, “The role of entrepreneurship & innovation for development” to be held on the 11th January, 2013. This seminar is organized by COSTECH and Dar Teknohama Business Incubator (DTBi) and is presented by Mr. Aape Pohjavirta from Finland. Mr Pohjavirta is an Entrepreneur, and Founder leader of the Human Learning Project/Inclusion in Finland. He has been a CEO of several companies and is knowledgeable in entrepreneurship systems, innovation and in technologically business environments, including mobile learning environments.

The Seminar is about understanding the role of Incubation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a developing economy like Tanzania. In the past few months, COSTECH and DTBi have received visitors from different organizations/entities understand the COSTECH/DTBi philosophy/model on entrepreneurship, innovation and incubation.

The objective of this seminar is to understand the crucial linkage between academia and industry in innovation and entrepreneurship through incubation. At the same time it is get an idea of how to create a critical mass of human resources who can be the “vehicles” for development of our national economy.

For more information about COSTECH and/or Dar Technology Business Incubator, please visit our websites: or Our email are: or and Tel. No: 0766 368 387 or (022) 277 0745/6.


One thought on “Public seminar at COSTECH: The Role of Entrepreneurship & Innovation for Development

  1. Jukka,

    Interesting Seminar; but I wish it was scheduled on a non-work day (say Saturday). Hard to make it during work week and during work hours. Look forward to summary notes and presentation slides (if any).



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