Innovation Space Community Meetup Thurs Feb 14th at 2pm

On 1st of February, the Innovation Space Manager Trainees,8435259620_0911c54e25_mconducted a small sample survey about the requirements and the utilization of the Innovation Space, asking innovation space users on how to improve and increase productivity at the Space.

General questions like

  1. Do you think the innovation space is useful and why?
  2. What are some of the things you would want to be added or removed, to improve and increase productivity?

36 innovation users who were present at the innovation space that day, participated, and gave out their ideas.

Based on the survey, we have decided to conduct a meeting of the innovation space community, discussing the outcomes of the survey and the way forward from now on, for the innovation space.

The session will be about

  • The outcome of the survey
  • Creating a plan for the use of the space
  • Coming up with projects for the space
  • Forming up teams

The Innovation Space Community Meetup will be on Thursday 14th February 2013, at 2pm
If you can not join us, please feel free to leave your thoughts and recommendations via the form below, we are expecting to hear from you. Your thoughts and Ideas will shape how the innovation space will function.

For more information please contact us at or


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