Recap of the videography session

Videography workshopLeena and Min Fei Kultanen, our guests from Finland, held a videography workshop at the innovation space last week. That is one among their activities that they will be doing for the community before going back to Finland. The workshop was fun and interactive; the participants of the workshop learned some basic skills of video filming and editing using resources that we usually possess, like small cameras, our own phones, also using video spin, a free editing software.

The first day of the workshop, involved a short presentation from Min Fei and Leena on video taking skills like panning, tilting and positions to help take steady video clips. The Participants then formed three groups. The groups planned and took video clips using their phones, pads and cameras. They then had a chance to prepare a layout on how they will use the video clips collected.

Leena with session participantsThe second day of the event was about editing the videos and making a movie. The video clips filmed were edited and cool transitions were added using VideoSpin editing software. At the end of the session all the groups sat down together and watched the three videos The videos were very nice and funny; everyone was happy and encouraged to continue taking more videos, and posting then online, to sharpen the skills learned.

It was a great and a very enjoyable session, thanks to Min Fei and Leena Kultanen.

You can view the presentation materials.

Also check out more pictures of the workshop on Flickr.


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