IT project preparation (practical session) Sat Feb 23rd 11am


We had a very successful event last saturday on project preparation essentials and most of the attendees, suggested to have a practical session soon, thereby their wish is granted. This saturday 23rd February, there will be a practical session on IT project preparations

Event Name: Project Preparation Essential Skills Practical Session
Event Date: Saturday, 23rd February 2013, at 11:00 a.m
Duration: 2hrs Session
Event Location: TanzICT Innovation Space

About the event: The event is a practical session of the project preparation essential skills, generally, we will look at

  • the overview of the languages
  • platforms and databases for developing systems and softwares.
  • How to connect front end platforms and Databases
  • Understanding the IDE (Integrated Developer Environment)
  • Good Coding Practices
  • Teamwork Development
  • Planning and developing systems (Systems Designs)
  • Understanding flexibility of languages, databases and platforms

The session would be completely practical and people would work in teams .

Platforms:NetBeans, Eclipse, Visual Studio, JDeveloper, C-Free

Databases: MySQL, SQL Server,  MS-Access, Oracle, Derby

Entrance: Free event everyone is welcomed

Attendant’s tools: Laptop, if you don’t have don’t worry we will share
the resources.

Who should attend: The event is for anyone with interest and passion
to understand development platforms and databases and how they


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