Frugal Innovation – What is it? Join workshop on March 1st to find out!

Download invitation to Frugal Innovation Workshop (pdf)

Download invitation to Frugal Innovation Workshop (pdf)

Frugal innovation is reducing the complexity and cost of products and it enhances affordable solutions and services. Frugal innovation approach is becoming increasingly popular in emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, and China.

Please join a participatory workshop lead by PhD Henri Simula from Aalto University (Finland) on this theme. We will use group working method where everyone’s voice matters!


First a short intro to the topic and some practical case examples. then we will discuss and share opinions:

  • Learning points and reflections from the cases!
  • How to create new solutions to existing problems via frugal principles?
  • Ideas where frugality could provide value and new business opportunities in Tanzania!
  • What kind of frugal innovations Tanzania could export?

Who should attend?

Practitioners and professionals, entrepreneurs and start-up people, academics and students, basically anyone interested to discuss about this theme…

Date and time
Friday morning, March 1st 2013, 09.00-12.00Hrs

Innovation Space at COSTECH
Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road, Kijitonyama (Sayansi ) COSTECH Building
Dar Es Salaam

Registration (free of charge)


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