IT project preparation session continues, Sat 2nd March 11am

After another successful session last saturday, where people ended formed groups on specific technologies that they would love to work on. Three groups where formed, one on php, one on java  and the last one on .NET technology.

These groups will then work on a small project and present it to the group this coming saturday.

Therefore this coming saturday, the practical session will continue, where these three groups will work on their small project together, and present it at the end.

Requirements for the session are as shown below,  please come with these installed, so as to save time

1st group : PHP group
– XAMPP Server or WAMP Server
– Notepad++

2nd group: Java group
– Net Beans
– Oracle Express Edition

3rd group: .NET
– Visual Studio 2012 Express Edition for Web
– MsSQL Server Express Edition / Microsoft Access Database

If you wont get software’s dont worry, we have already downloaded them, and we will share

When? Saturday 2nd, 2013. 11:00 a.m – 01:00 0 p.m

Attendant’s tools: Laptop, if you don’t have, don’t worry we will share the available resources.

Who should attend? The event is for anyone with interest and passion
to understand development platforms and databases and how they

Entrance: The event is free, and everone is welcomed to attend.


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