Get to know the Kukua Fund on March 8th 2013

Marlon Parker, the founder of RLabs and partner in Kukua Fund, is back in Dar es Salaam. This Friday, March 8th 2013, at 2pm he’s going to give a presentation and introductory session on the Kukua Fund to everyone interested.

Kukua FundThe Kukua Fund was established by RLabs and Bertha Foundation to discover and invest in Africa’s high potential internet and mobile start-ups driving social change. The fund provides micro investments to startups up to 25000 US$, human capital and mentorship, access to networks as well as business development. Kukua Fund believes that social entrepreneurship and the leveraging of mobile and internet technologies have the potential to transform Africa.

Tanzanian startups can also apply for the Kukua Fund; details for applicants are available on the website, but the best way to get know the fund is to hear it from the founder – so please register to participate in the presentation and indicate if you’d like to discuss or pitch your startup to Marlon after the session.


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