Microsoft introduces IT Academy, Fri March 22nd (2pm)

Microsoft Corporation is sending two executive delegates to visit Tanzania with the following agenda;
  1. To introduce Microsoft 4 Africa Initiatives ( Read more )
  2. To introcuce Microsoft IT Academy in Tanzania ( Read more ) 

Microsoft 4Afrika is designed to help improve Africa’s global competitiveness with the main goal to empower African youth, entrepreneurs, developers and business and civic leaders to turn great ideas into a reality that can help their country, the continent and beyond.

The IT Academy is principally the Microsoft online campus with the core mission to help enable academic institutions to offer world-class computer technology enriched with real-world skills. Microsoft IT Academy members are provided the infrastructure and information needed to design the right course offerings, aligh to industry hiring needs, and deliver a dynamic learning experience to a diverse community of students, all in the context of the most cutting-edge Microsoft technologies in demand today.

The delegation will consist of

  1. Mr Tim Sneath – Senior Director, Product Development Microsoft Learning from Head Office Seattle, USA. He will speak about Microsoft 4 Afrika Initiatives, software developers and marketing opportunities. AOB.
  2. Mr Yves Khalil – Program Lead, Middle East and Africa. He will speak about Microsoft IT Academy. AOB

Two presentations will be done, with break between. Questions and Answers as usual

Event Summary
Date & time: Friday March 22nd 2013, 2pm
Location: Innovation Space
Registration: Event is free for everyone to attend


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