DTBi Introduces the Incubation Program, 11th April @2pm

After so many enquiries on the Incubation Program at DTBi, DTBi has heard your call, and they are going to introduce the program at the Innovation Space.

There willl be a

  • Presentation from DTBi, on the Incubation Program
  • Question and Answer session

For any question, enquiries, thoughts, ideas, on the Incubation program, please join us at the Innovation Space tomorrow.

Event Location: Innovation Space
Event Time: 14:00 – 15:00
Registration: Free, just come by

About DTBi: The Dar Teknohama Business Incubator (DTBi) promotes the growth of ICT technology-based emerging companies contributing to job creation and enhanced economic health of the nation.

The incubator’s aim is to serve as a hub for technology start-ups and actively identifies and provides for the value-added services required to support incubator clients’ success. Turning an idea into a profitable business requires a lot, DTBi provides the valuable support entrepreneurs need. DTBi assists early stage ICT companies by lowering the cost of business and increasing the chances of business survival by providing access to shared resources, facilitating access to finance and markets through credible support, guidance and business management, and etworking for technical trends and opportunities to access markets.


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