GIST Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, May 7-8th

Global Innovation through Science & Technology (GIST) is a project implemented by the NGO CRDF Global, in collaboration with Dar Teknohama Business Incubator (DTBi) with the support of infoDEV (World Bank) and COSTECH. They are organising the GIST Startup Boot Camp on May 7-8th 2013 at COSTECH 9am-6pm.

All attendees from Tanzania must apply on-line at by Sunday April 21st. There is limited sponsorship in terms of accommodation for upcountry entrepreneurs to attend, first come first serve!

GIST Startup Bootcamp flyer (pdf)

GIST Startup Bootcamp flyer (pdf)

UPDATE 17.4.2013 13.22: Updated registration deadline to match GIST website info.


8 thoughts on “GIST Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, May 7-8th

    • Hi James, you need to have a startup or strong interest in creating one (+ at least some technical skills to implement your business idea). You can have a look at the application form and judge from the questions whether it’s relevant to you.

      • I have a similar problem. I applied in time, but haven’t received any reply. I had expected something by now; even a rejection email maybe? Any chance you know who to contact for a follow on inquiry (I am assuming they are probably almost in town by now…)

      • Hi Geoffrey, I don’t have any contacts unfortunately, but I heard today that one successful applicant just got the message today… Maybe yours is still coming.

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