3rd Community Meetup – Tues 30th April (2pm – 3pm)

Summary of Event
Event: Community Meeting
Day: Tuesday,30th April
Time: 2pm – 3pm
Place: Innovation Space

As efforts are done to make the space useful to everyone, we are encouraging everyone to participate in these community meetings, either by attending or sending us your feedback through mail.

So the next meeting will be on Thursday, 30th April, which has a purpose of

  1. Reviewing what has happened over the past one month at the innovation space
  2. Ongoing initiatives at the Innovation Space
  3. Feedback from the users on how the innovation space is operating.
  4. Planning for the way forward( utilizing the resources available )

So if you have any suggestions, questions, ideas, thoughts for the community, please come and share them with us, or send us an email through brian@tanzict.or.tz or jumanne@tanzict.or.tz

Lets all build up our Innovation space community, lets meet on Tuesday 30th April.


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