3 Days Web Design Workshops 9th – 11th May

Event Name: Web Design Practical Workshop
Duration: 3 Days
First Group 9:00am-12:00pm
Second Group 2:pm – 5pm
Date: 9th- 11th May 2013
Location: TANZICT Innovation Space (Smaller Side)
About the event: The event is about practical web designing skills using, HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT to create attractive sites by manipulating templates and PSD files.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Understanding Web Designing
  • Organizing the Site
  • Color Psychology
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Editing and Manipulating templates
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Understanding clients requirements
  • Introduction to Content Management Template
  • Working with Google Developer Tools
  • Materials and References

Practical session

  • Designing
  • Manipulating CSS, HTML and JAVASCRIPT
  • Working with WordPress
  • Editing template and Creating a sites in short time

Attendant’s tools: Laptop, Modem, Notepad++ ready installed  and ready made HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT sites not necessarily.

Who should attend: The event is for anyone with interest and passion to understand web designing and finishing clients works in time and in a sophisticated way. It is necessary to attend all the three session for maximum productivity

Entrance: Free event everyone is welcomed, just please register below

Registration for this event is closed


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