3rd Community Meeting on 30th April 2013 – Recap

Below are points discussed at the Innovation Space Community Meeting


The place looks more organized


  1. Less power extensions cables at the space, even though more cables were purchased recently, some of them have disappeared already, so this is still a challenge. One of the suggestion is to fix the extension cable on the sockets that they can not be moved.
  2. Drinks. It would be nice to have drinks inside the innovation space, instead of going to purchase drinks outside, but the challenge with this is the organization.
  3. Most of the ports are not working, and need repair
  4. More people what to know each other, currently most people don’t know who knows what, so that when they have problems at the innovation space they don’t know who to ask help to. It was suggested if its possible to have profiles of members of the innovation space, so that people can have who to contact when they face problems. There was another suggestion to use the present biometric, to create an online platform that can hook up with the biometric, and show who is present at the innovation space and their profiles.

Name of the Innovation Space: There is a need for the Innovation Space to get a name, any name that will be meaningful, that also reflects what the Innovation Space does. The following names suggested

  1. Swahili Hub
  2. Bantu(B Hub)
  3. Utashi Hub
  4. Tanroots
  5. Big5space
  6. MangaHub ( lighthub)
  7. Digital Mind Space
  8. Bright Space
  9. Kilimanjaro Innovation Centre
  10. Dar es salaam Innovation Chamber
  11. ispace
  12. kilihub
  13. digitalspace
  14. digitalhub
  15. TZInnovation
  16. AKILI Lab ( Aggressiveness (Assertiveness) Awareness, Keen(Knowledge), Intelligence, Learning, Innovation )
  17. Tanzi-hub

We welcome suggestion, from the people who were not at the meeting  and would love to contribute to these, you can also rate the name you love the most. We want to get this done soon.

Community Meeting Schedule

First, It was realized that the name of the meeting, calling it “Community Meeting” does not sound great, so something like “Innovation Users Meeting” or something better will do.. Also the meetings needs to be formalized.

It was decided that the meeting should be on the last Friday of the month.

Meeting ended at around 4pm, thanks for everyone who participated. Expecting to hear from you about your  comments on the discussions and more specific the name of the Innovation Space

Give your comments on the form below


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