TCRA Road Safety Competition / Hackathon Kickoff May 10th 4pm

Download info-sheet (pdf)

Download info-sheet (pdf)

Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) in collaboration with Dar Teknohama Business Incubator (DTBi) are organizing a competition/hackathon for ‘ICT Based Solutions for Improving Road Safety‘ in the course of commemorating International Telecommunication Union – World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (ITU – WTISD) 2013 with the theme “ICTs and IMPROVING ROAD SAFETY”.

The organizers have come up with the following key problem statements/challenges after consultations with the road sector stakeholders:

Problem Statement Title 1: Road Accidents
The number of road accidents is on the rise. SUMATRA Data for 2011 shows that deaths caused by road accidents were 3981 and 20802 were injured.
To find an ICT solution that will reduce/prevent road accidents caused by negligence or recklessness driving.
To save life, money and property of the victims, family and the government resources.

Problem Statement Title 2: Good Governance
There has been a number of road incidences involving lack of adherence to rules and regulations in the country, a situation which jeopardizes government efforts towards increased road safety in Tanzania.
To enhance road safety in the country by compelling road users to adhere to laid down road regulations.
To create an ICT solution that will assist Tanzania Police Force to monitor the traffic police on the road and enhance compliance on road regulations and reduce road accidents.

Problem Statement Title 3: Facilitating the Disabled
Currently the Tanzania roads do not have signs to direct Disabled People while crossing roads leading to deaths and injuries to people with disabilities.
To design an ICT based solution that will assist/guide Disabled People to detect danger when crossing roads.
The system is expected to save lives of disabled people who are killed or injured by over speeding motor vehicles.

Problem Statement Title 4: Safety in local Dala Dala transport system
Passengers do not feel safe in “dala dalas” due to congestion/overcrowding, thievery and accidents.
To understand the flow and frequency of movement of “dala dalas” and frequency of passenger usage of this transport scheme.
To create an ICT solution that will determine the increase of “dala dalas” using mobile money payments and have crowd sourcing to get locations and feedback from commuters and bring about safety to passengers.

Noting the above mentioned challenges on road safety, TCRA & DTBi are organizing an ICT Based Road Safety Solution Competition/Hackathon to be held on 15 May 2013, with the prize giving ceremony to the best winners on 16 May, 2013 . One of the prizes being free BDS support, mentoring & coaching from DTBi. The aim is to provide an ICT solution in improving road safety.

All software developers, including mobile, who are interested in participating in this innovative competition are advised to contact Mr. Makange Mramba on telephone number 0766 368 387 or 0784 452 372 or email address

The competition aspirants will thereafter be invited to attend a meeting of the stakeholders and software developers/ coders so as to get more information, clarification and procedures for the competition. The meeting will be held at COSTECH Building, Innovation Space (along Ali Hassan Mwinyi Road in Kijitonyama) on 10 May, 2013 at 4:00pm. Come prepared to form your coding groups & problem statement to solve!


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