Growth Clinic by Aape

Our visiting Startup Sauna Coach, Mr Aape Pohjavirta

See what our visiting Startup Sauna Coach, Mr Aape Pohjavirta, said last time around

Would you like to have an intensive coaching session with Mr Aape Pohjavirta (Coach Startup Sauna, DTBi Vice Chairman) for your business idea / team / company?

As part of the International Co-Innovation Week, Aape will work with a maximum of 6 teams, entrepreneurs and/or companies to go through in a practical and interactive way the phase and challenges of each company and how to grow it. If you would like to take part in this, you need to be prepared, work hard during the Clinic and be willing to share with the rest of the participants (and Aape) where you’re really at.

The session will take place on Thursday (May 23rd) morning, 9:00-12:30 at the KINU Hub.

Apply to participate via the following registration form by noon on Monday (May 20th). Successful applicants will be notified personally to attend.

[Application form closed, Clinic full]

UPDATE 20.5.2013 08:28: Application form closed, Clinic full. All successful applicants have been notified.


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