Introduction to Android Coding at KINU by Android Aalto

Android AaltoAndroid Aalto is an open community for people interested in Android development around Aalto University in Finland. Android Aalto facilitates networking and cooperation between developers, students and companies, to improve the Android ecosystem in Finland. Android Aalto also organizes monthly workshops and hackathons, as well as bi-monthly keynotes and conferences, engaging people from the mobile industry with students, developers and researchers.

As part of the International Co-Innovation Week program, next week on Tuesday morning (May 21st 2013) 9:00-13:00hrs Android Aalto will hold an entry-level workshop to Android coding at KINU covering:

  • Android SDK installation
  • Hello World for Android – you get to build your very first program
  • Toolset for future handed out.

To participate, you need have basic coding skills (from any programming language) and preferably your own computer with, so you can try things you learn in practice. Registration is required, as max. participants is limited to 40, so please register via Eventbrite:


One thought on “Introduction to Android Coding at KINU by Android Aalto

  1. hey, I’m interesting with Android application development, like looking for others to get more challenges on android, i have develop some of my android application like to share with others.

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