Ubuntu Boot Camp at the Innovation Space 10th – 15th June

TANZICT in partnership with OpenTech Solutions Tanzania will be offering a hands on workshop to introduce users to an alternative operating system known as Ubuntu.

It will consist of 2 sessions...an introduction to Ubuntu Desktop and a more advanced Ubuntu Server environment.

The Boot Camp will run the week of June 10th to 15th at the Innovation Space at COSTECH. Those who are interested in attending may bring their own laptops, as well we have a 4 user Ubuntu PC available.

Monday to Wednesday will be an introductory session for beginners covering topics such as:

  • Booting from Live CD or USB flash, Dual Booting and Partitioning, Installing Ubuntu
  • How to customize the look & feel of Ubuntu. Overview of Desktop, panels, workspaces
  • How to add, remove and update applications
  • How to navigate through the file system and file permissions
  • Additional open source programs to enhance Ubuntu such as Wine & VirtualBox
  • Command Line Interface

Thursday to Saturday will be a more advanced session which will cover such topics as:

  • Installing Ubuntu server and basic configuration
  • Advanced use of command line interface
  • Adding users, groups and permissions
  • Using applications such as WebMin to manage your servers
  • Securing your web & mail server
  • Introduction to server virtualization & cloud computing

Ubuntu was first developed in South Africa but now has contributors from around the globe. Ubuntu is an African word meaning ‘humanity to others’, it also means ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’. This lends itself to the community spirit behind Ubuntu and the promise that it is free and always will be to use, share and develop.
Imagine Freedom!….
• Freedom to choose what operating system and software you can install on the computer or laptop that you paid dearly for…..
• Freedom from licensing costs (or related piracy)…
• Freedom from viruses (and anti-virus programs)…
• Freedom from trial versions of software….
• Freedom from slow loading on startup….
• Freedom from hardware device drivers…..

Ubuntu is…..Beautiful, Secure, Fast & Compatible

As a user, you will discover the following benefits:

  • The Operating System is free from licensing requirements along with the bundled software, so there is no ’90 day’ trial versions installed. This also frees you from installing pirated or hacked software which not only comprises your system but Microsoft now has an agreement with the Tanzanian Fair Competition Commission (FCC) to identify and prosecute those who are using pirated versions of their software, in particular government offices, learning institutions,corporations and businesses such as Internet Cafes.
  • Given the built in security features, your files and data stay protected from virus infections! No need to install an anti-virus program which slows down your system. We will also show you how to remove viruses from flash drives or infected Windows systems using the Ubuntu live CD (and perhaps generate a little income for yourself)
  • Ubuntu loads quickly on any computer as it has no unnecessary programs or trial software to  slow things down so you can boot up and be surfing the internet in seconds!
  • Ubuntu works with most devices. Imagine never having to search for additional hardware drivers or installation CD’s. Just plug in your modem, camera, printer etc and you will be up and running. As well, Ubuntu is compatible with Windows files such as Microsoft Office documents.

As an IT professional, add the following to your skill set:

  • Differentiate your CV from the crowd of MS certified people by adding Ubuntu Linux skills, which will enable you to help organizations make informed decisions regarding alternative software options and system security.
  • Without license fees or subscription costs, you can scale your data center efficiently with Ubuntu Server which allows you to deliver more services with less computing power and fewer resources
  • Learn how to secure the back end of web servers and company data servers with the security and stability of Ubuntu Server. See this recent article urging IT professionals in Tanzania to take a stronger approach to preventing hacking of websites and systems.. .http://www.thecitizen.co.tz/News/-/1840392/1843110/-/exm3dpz/-/index.html
  • Get an overview on server virtualization and cloud computing as options for system  administrators
  • Become familiar with a range of  Open Source software which can meet all the requirements your employer or client may have.

Register through the form below and if you have any questions please contact brian or jumanne



12 thoughts on “Ubuntu Boot Camp at the Innovation Space 10th – 15th June

  1. I am interested with ubuntu workshop but the registration link already closed, sorry help me how i can do? so as to attend a session?

    • Sorry Maiko, the registration for the workshop is closed, as we don’t have space for more people, i can put you on the waiting list, just in case, there will be another one organized

  2. hope guys there will be video streams uploaded after these periods because some of us miss them its a honest request for me and others who would like to come but they can’t.

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