Dreams, passion and sharing keywords in the Future Workshop

It was another sunny day in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, our second day ever in the country. We arrived to the COSTECH Innovation Space in the morning for setup and a two interviews with Mama Rose and Hyasintha, two really inspiring FEMTANZ–program graduates. We were also honoured to have them both share their stories and some points of view on our afternoon workshop.

A little bit after 2pm we got started with the Future Workshop participants. It was great to see so many young people gather together to share their passions and find ideas that they would want to work with. At first we all sat together around a big table with other people still working on their own projects in the back of the room at the same time. After a couple of first exercises most of them wanted to join. After a while the whole room was attending the workshop spontaneously!

The warm-up exercise filled the room with smiling people and joyous chatter. It was great to see people giving constructive feedback and encouraging each other during the day. You can have a look at the whole program of the workshop on Super Sisters website: www.supersisters.net (coming up on early June) or below. We were all happy to see so many inspiring and innovative ideas shared at the workshop. After the “official” part everybody stayed for a bit longer for some mingling. One of the participants, Tolly Ben, was also interested in continuing the workshop actions here in Dar es Salaam. If you want to join her to make this happen, please email Tolly: tollyzkitchen@gmail.com.

After such a great afternoon with all the talented, creative young people of Dar es Salaam it is easy to believe that in the future we will see many skilled and passionate entrepreneurs, engineers, thinkers and doers from different professional fields to run their own businesses and projects in Tanzania. These people have a possibility to work for their dreams and to help other people overcome current challenges. I hope we young people in Tanzania as well as all around the world take this chance and make the most out of it.

Rose, Hyasintha and Tolly sharing their experiences - click to see all photos

Rose, Hyasintha and Tolly sharing their experiences – click to see all photos

Let’s listen to the more experienced players such as Mama Rose or Hyasintha who have believed in their vision when no one else have and worked hard to reach their goals. Let’s use the support they offer us. Everyone who was present at the workshop – I hope you have saved Mama Rose’s phone number. Please call her and visit her shop to ask questions. To learn more about her story. Be grateful for the support she and other experienced people offer you. And when you are there with the successful business or project of yours, remember the support you gained, give back and help the newbies of your time.

At the end, I would like to Thank You. Thanks to all the lovely participants. Thanks to our awesome interviewees: Mama Rose, Hyasintha, Catherinerose, Faraja and Rachel. Thanks also to TANZICT, especially Kristiina, Jukka and Sanna, Aape, Minna and all others who made this awesome week happen!

-Meri Saarivirta / Super Sister


2 thoughts on “Dreams, passion and sharing keywords in the Future Workshop

  1. the event was awesome, there is always a way out if we work together as a community, don’t fear to present your ideas, be proud of what you are doing. we all learn from mistakes.

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