Android Enthusiasm from the Land of Open Source

My name is Jukka Jokelainen and I come from Helsinki, Finland. I am a student in Aalto University and was given the unique opportunity to come to Tanzania and participate in several events that were organized during the International Co-Innovation week. This was my first time ever in Africa and what an amazing time it was!

On Tuesday 21.5.2013 Android Aalto – a student-run Android development community from Aalto University – held an event at KINU on mobile application development for Android operating system. Focus of the event was not only to help participants get started with Android development but to inspire them to take the initiative of learning in their own hands.

Participants working at the Android Coding Workshop

Participants working at the Android Coding Workshop

If you have read this far you might be wondering why am I writing this? What was the purpose of this trip of ours all the way to Tanzania and this half of a day event? Why did we do this? The answer is really simple. We have already built an active Android community full of people who want to help each other, share the love so to speak, in Finland and we want to bring the same to Tanzania. The heart and soul of open source is sharing and caring and as humble ambassadors from the Land of Open Source that is just what we want to achieve.

Right now I would like to share a few good tips that have helped me to become the developer I am today:

The best way to learn is learning by doing.
Share the love, code together!
Start of with a simple project.
Build something that interests you, it’s a great way to keep your motivation high.

If you have any questions about learning how to program or Android in general don’t hesitate to ask, contacting us is really easy. We have a webpage, but he best way to contact us is through our Facebook group

All the links you need to succeed as an Android developer:

A promise has been made that we will help You to organize future events in Tanzania. We will send material that you can use in your own future workshops to you later. Learning to code is a long but at the same time fun and rewarding journey, and like any great journey it has a beginning. So why wouldn’t you start right now?

Yours truly,
Jukka Jokelainen


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