Recap of the Windows Phone Coding Session

Here’s the event recap from Windows Phone trainer Teemu Tapanila – anyone interested being the AppCampus contact person here in Dar es Salaam and getting the Windows Phone developer community going? Contact Teemu.

On Wednesday May 22nd the Windows Phone training event took place as part of the International Co-Innovation Week. Goal was to go through how to get started with installing the developer tools and get the very first application done.

Teemu instructing participants on how to create their first Windows phone app. Click to see all photos!

Teemu instructing participants on how to create their first Windows phone app. Click to see all the photos from the session!

Event gathered 40 enthusiastic developers who reached this goal and went far beyond. I want to personally thank everyone who participated the event because you don’t really see this level of eagerness often and that’s something that really makes trainer feel that event has been success. Because this is not the end, real learning starts from this point.

I hope that in a future people who participated will keep on going with the same level of energy they had on the event and reach even further goals of becoming successful application developers. I know that this can be achieved. Also doing stuff alone is boring so gather together and think about the problems, solutions and ideas together.

So how to continue? Here is collection of links and explanations what you can find behind them. I’m also very happy to help you if you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. I can easiest be reached on twitter (@TapanilaT).

Main source of links & developer portal:
Windows Phone Training Kit (Hands on labs):
Building Apps for Windows Phone 8 Jump Start (videos & presentations):
Funding for great Windows Phone applications:

– Teemu Tapanila / AppCampus


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