6th South African Innovation Summit Live Stream in Dar es Salaam

Last year we organized the first Tanzanian Video Stream event of the 5th South African Innovation Summit with KINU – it was a great success and a lot of fun for all participants, so this year let’s make it even better!

Register for Dar es Salaam Video Stream event of 6th South African Innovation Summit

6th South African Innovation Summit will take place on August 28-29 (Wed-Thu) at KINU, co-organized by Kinu, TANZICT and Buni. We will the follow renowned speakers presenting in Johannesburg via video stream, and carry out some sessions and discussions locally with Tanzanian themes and insights.

The South African Innovation Summit brings together thought leaders and practitioners in the field of innovation to show-case success stories, share lessons learnt, connect with peers, be inspired by those who keep on moving and practice by doing.

Sessions that will be streamed include:

  • Tools and methods to keep on innovating
  • Inspiring stories of journeys of innovation and thinking BIG
  • Pathways to success, from idea to market
  • Platforms that accelerates or focus innovation effort
  • Benchmarking best practice in innovation management
  • How to create a culture for innovation
  • Practice and learn how to pitch your solution
  • Funding sources at different stages of development
  • Commercialisation tips
  • Protecting a new idea
  • Mobilising others through crowd sourcing
  • Growth through innovation
  • Corporate governance, measurement and reporting of innovation

The stream will be broken up by workshops focused on the Tanzania innovation ecosystem, and attempting to establish potential bottlenecks. Check out the detailed Dar es Salaam program below!

The event is free of charge, but registration via Eventbrite is mandatory – [registration full & closed]. Sign up early, there won’t be tickets for everyone!

Download Dar es Salaam Video Stream event program (pdf)!

Download Dar es Salaam Video Stream event program (pdf)!

UPDATE 26.8.2013 09:46: Final Dar es Salaam program (pdf) published.
UPDATE 26.8.2013 15:19: Minor correction to final Dar es Salaam program (pdf).
UPDATE 26.8.2013 15:45: Last updates to the timings in the in the program.


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