Recap of the Mass Media and ICT workshop

For three days BUNI hosted the Mass Media and ICT Workshop, from the 20th – 22nd of August. The event well we had around 50 people who mostly came from university and colleges, with also an attendance from media companies.

Day 1

Highlight from day one was Jumanne Mtambalike, Buni Trainee Manager, sharing with the participants blogging concept. The participants had a chance to learn on blogging platform, and most of them had a blog up and running, the bogging session continued to day two and day three. Later Kahema Fimbo, shared with the participants on Online media Ethics and copyright. The groups then went into groups and had a brainstorming session . It was realized that for these initiatives to make a bigger impact, it will be necessary to hold sessions like these more often,

and to cover a larger populations.

Audience at the Mass Media and ICT Workshop

Day 2

The second day started with the presentation from Kahema Fimbo. The presentation focused on the media ecosystem in Tanzania. The audience had the pleasure of knowing how the media operates in Tanzania and who the stakeholders in that ecosystem are. At the end of the presentation he mentioned the stakeholders and he distributed the audience into groups according to the stakeholders inside the country which were: government, media schools (universities and colleges which offer journalism courses), media houses, non government organizations (NGO), public community, media professionals and ict professionals.

                      After that the group members were given thirty minutes to brainstorm and act as stakeholders in those respected fields they were thus required to come up the with several things including the roles which the stakeholders play in the media sector, challenges which the professions faces, possible solutions to the challenges and the way to implement those solutions. The discussions were interesting and the participants participated actively. After the discussions the participants were required to present what they have brainstormed. After that there were questions and answers session whereby each group which had presented were given chances to be asked questions.

Day 3

Day three’s highlight was the presentation made by Sama Jahanpour, Managing Partner of Eastern Media, a local production company.The theme being “how to shoot for Impact”, so how to shoot and why, with the aim of making a video that will convey the intended message.
Some of the important points where, The Principles of Composition, How to use a camera, What shots can be taken and where can you use them. With the emphasis of conveying the right message to the intended audience.

Sama Jahanpour, from Emedia, Presenting Shooting for Impact


One thought on “Recap of the Mass Media and ICT workshop

  1. I think there should be atleast quarterly meetings on this and people could discus challenges and have “whats new” sessions…

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