Pitch Training session proved useful once again

What’s the best (and only) way to practice your pitching skills? By pitching often and over and over again… A couple of weeks ago we realized with Mr Mulamula that it had been too long since the last pitch training session and it was time for a new one. So we organized a full pitch training day on Tuesday September 3rd together with DTBi, KINU and Buni.

1st round of pitch practise - click to see full gallery!

1st round of pitch practise – click to see full gallery!

We had around 25 participants from DTBi and Buni and we started the day by looking at examples from YouTube, analyzing them, going through a simple outline for the first one minute pitch and discussing some tips about the presentation. After only 20 minutes of preparation, everyone in the room had to pitch their idea or company in 1 minute using the following outline for the pitch:

  • Your name, title & company
  • What do you do?
  • What problem do you solve?
  • How do you do it better than others or how is your solution unique?
  • How do you make money?
  • What is your goal or vision?
  • If pitching to VCs: What’s in it for the investor?

All the pitches where timed and wolves howled the pitchers off the stage if they went overtime. However, on the first try, most participants actually finished before 60 seconds – it’s important to use all the time available to tell about your great product or service!

After the first round of practise we had Godfrey from Magilatech sharing his experiences on pitching at ITU conference, and the Tanzanian Pivot East 2013 finalists Delphics and GO Finance sharing their experience on pitching to investors at the competition. GO Finance ended up winning the Mobile Finance category – congratulations!

Additionally, Charles Matondane, Head of Value Added Services at Vodacom Tanzania, explained what to consider when pitching to mobile operators, and Mr Mulamula had prepared clips of Dragon’s Den for discussing how to pitch to investors.

Finally, we closed the day with the second round of pitches – this time everyone had up to 2 minutes of time for their pitch. Interestingly, some did better and some did worse on the second time around. All the pitchers were provided with personal feedback and we agreed that pitch practice sessions need to continue on regular basis.


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