Contribute to ITU’s Beyond 2015: Global Youth Summit

ITU has requested us to share and encourage your contribution to the ‘BYND 2015: Global Youth Summit’. Objective of the BYND 2015 is to mobilize youth to join forces and create solutions for social good, enabled through widespread access to information and communication technologies (ICTs). The main outcome of BYND2015 is a short policy statement which encapsulates the key issues and recommendations as identified by a worldwide youth community.

The process from collecting ideas and solutions from youth around the world is currently taking place online on a crowdsourcing platform where young people have been asked to identify what they see as the key challenges for the future and to propose solutions and ideas. In line with the Summit, the focus will be on how ICTs can contribute to socio-economic development as well as how young people can make a greater contribution to global policy. There are 10 main challenges that have been proposed, and already hundreds of great and well-written ideas on how to address them.

Contibute your ideas to the BYND 2015 challenges

Contibute your ideas to the BYND 2015 challenges

Right now we’re already approaching the last phase – polling and finalization – which spans the three days of the BYND2015 Summit, from 9-11 September. During this session, participants online will lead the online finalization and polling on solutions / priorities which will eventually be reflected in the Summit outcomes. Summit participants will be actively involved in the preparatory process, and have a responsibility to reach out to their communities to generate feedback and engagement.

Have a look at the challenges and proposed ideas – there could be gems also for Tanzanian context. You can also still propose your ideas, post comments to the ideas and vote for the ideas you like.

You can find more information about the summit on ITU’s website.


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