Social Media Training at Tanzania Youth Icon in Zanzibar

The first cross-living lab training was organized a couple of weeks ago, when Festo and Shabani from Kigamboni Community Center (KCC) travelled to Stone Town in Zanzibar to train the trainers of Tanzania Youth Icon (TAYI). The training took three days of which the first two days on social media and experience sharing (mindset) were conducted by KCC, and the last day covered life skills and HIV and was facilitated by the TAYI staff.

Arriving at Tanzania Youth Icon

Arriving at Tanzania Youth Icon

The first day was Friday – there were 25 participants and they were trained in the following: introduction to the internet, Google, Facebook, Twitter and blogging.

Festo (KCC) training

Festo (KCC) training

Here’s what Festo and Shabani covered:

Day 1


  • Search engine
  • Explaining the different tabs (pictures, YouTube, Maps, …)


  • Sign up
  • Send and receive messages
  • Chat and add friends
  • Video call


  • Blog, creates one and writes a post including text, a picture and a movie.

Day 2


  • Sign up
  • Write information about yourself
  • Add friends
  • Write a status update with a photo


  • Sign up
  • Post a tweet
  • Experience sharing (mindset) by using KCC work done.

Day 3

Life skills and HIV

Comments from Festo and Shabani about the training:
The training was very much useful and all the participants seemed very much excited to acquire the knowledge and they were so constructive asking if we can do it again with enough time. As trainers we comment that we believe program should be ongoing not only in Tanzania but in Africa as we know that African countries are the developing ones. The world is like a village because of the technology existing in the world especially Europe, Asia and America.

Participants and future trainers of Tanzania Youth Icon

Participants and future trainers of Tanzania Youth Icon

What do you think? Is it valuable to train Tanzanian youth and communities in the use of internet and social media tools?


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