Agri-hackathon championship competition in kigali, deadline for applications 27th Sept

Agri-hackathon championship competition in Kigali

From 04 to 08 November 2013, CTA and the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI), Rwanda, will organize an international conference on ICT for Agriculture (ICT4Ag) in Kigali.

This event will examine how ICTs are truly empowering producers and consumers along the entire value chain. It will showcase the exciting possibilities and incredible developments taking place in this area. In line with CTA’s strategy, the ICT4Ag conference will promote the application of ICTs in the agricultural sector with particular emphasis on value chains, advocacy and policy development. One of the key activities planned to run in parallel to the conference is a pilot hackathon, focused on the agricultural sector. The hackathon will be follow up of the regional hackathons organized in various participating countries.

The objectives are of the main hackathon are:

  • showcase the potentials of ICT applications in agriculture at the ICT4Ag conference;
  • support the development of ICT innovations and entrepreneurship in agriculture.

This activity will also contribute to promoting open data for agriculture, to supporting ICT innovation centres and to youth entrepreneurship in agriculture. Indeed, this will not be a one ­shot event that will end with the closing ceremony and site visits of the ICT4Ag Conference. It is conceived as an event with follow ­up, which will be facilitated by notably by CTA. The involvement of other national and international institutions in post ­hackathon activities is being explored.

Agri-hackathon championship competition in Kigali

On Saturday 28th, 2013, Buni will organize a hackathon to select a team that is going to represent the hub in the agri-hackathon competition in Kigali. The local teams aiming at participating the event will be required to register for the hackathon before midday 27th September 2013. Individuals with teams (preferable option), will be required to submit the names of their team members, and if you don’t have a team, there will be an opportunity to form teams during the hackathon.

In our local hackathon, one team will be selected to participate in the main event in Kigali. The team can be composed of developers, designers, multimedia experts, etc. The selected team will commit to develop the application as much as possible before the Finals. Two representatives from the team will be supported by CTA to attend the ICT4Ag Conference and participate in the Finals on behalf of the team. The team will organize themselves as they wish to develop the application, from their selection until
the evaluation by judges.Members representing the team at the Finals will be from Eastern Africa, and be ideally youths (between 18 and 35 years old).

The challenges of the hackathons are :

Challenge 1:
How can bidirectional information sharing and communication between farmers and extension workers be encouraged or improved? Key areas of interest include information sharing and advisory on soil fertility, fertilizers, weather information, pests, diseases, access to localized farming inputs, multimedia content and ability to verify counterfeit products.

Challenge 2:
Through ICT applications, how can access to financial services be made easier for farmers through a disruptive, innovative tool?

Prizes and rewards
Rewards will include cash prizes, capacity building and incubation opportunities for the
improvement of products developed. National prizes (following the organization of national selection events) and regional prizes will be given.

National prizes
There will be cash prize and other rewards for the winning team.

Regional prizes
The best three applications selected at the Finals, as well as the incubator supporting the winning team of developers, will receive rewards, as described below.

Teams of developers

Cash prizes

  • 5 000 Euros for the first winner
  • 4 000 Euros for the second winner
  • 3 000 Euros for the third winner

Six month incubation and mentoring

The three winning teams will be offered incubation and mentoring for six
months in the hubs that support their application (the winning hubs), to finalize
developed applications and prepare their operational launch. For more information and

Please apply in the form below


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