The Hackathon for Family Planning 2nd – 5th October 2013

This 72-hr fast-paced event will bring together a multi-disciplinary team of technology, business, and family planning experts with the aim of developing technological solutions to the pressing challenges that face family planning programs in Tanzania. Business experts will also advise the teams on sustainability plans for their generated solutions. The event is hosted by the National Family Planning Conference organizers in collaboration with the Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH), the KINU Innovation Hub, and the University of Dar es Salaam through its Business School (UDBS) and the University of Dar es Salaam Entrepreneurship Centre (UDEC).

Schedule Rundown:
October 2, 2013: Hackathon debuts at the Buni Innovation Hub, COSTECH, with team formation and challenge assignment. (Invitation Only)
October 2-4, 2013: Teams develop viable and scalable technological solution to the assigned challenges.
October 5, 2013: D-Day! Each team will present its solution to a panel of judges.
October 11, 2013: Innovation Lab Winners Showcase & Award Ceremony

The Challenges
Challenge#1: Making Demand and Supply Connections
This problem statement seeks to address supply and demand side challenges facing FP programs through an integrated mHealth service. On the demand side, Mobile for Reproductive Health (m4RH) is an opt-in, interactive, menu-based text message system that provides automated information about nine FP methods for free in Tanzania. On the supply side, the ILS Gateway is a mobile health alert and reporting system that collects logistics data from health facility personnel via SMS and displays it on a website for review and decision-making by upper-level management. This problem challenges teams to incentivize m4RH users to go to clinics and adopt FP methods by enabling users to learn which clinics have specific FP methods (via a link to ILS Gateway) and to acquire methods at identified clinics for subsidized prices via an e-voucher.

Challenge#2: Edutainment for Young People
This problem statement seeks to address the significant need for accurate and accessible sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information among young people in Tanzania. According to the 2010 Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey, of all age categories, 15-19 year-old adolescents are the least exposed to family planning messages (35.4%, women; 30.9%, men). Furthermore, a significant proportion of young females in this age category (who are not using practicing family planning) have never discussed family planning with a health provider. Leveraging the growing use of mobile phones among young people, teams are challenged to take existing, evidence-based SRH content and develop an educational and entertaining game application (“app”) for basic phones that will provide young people with the information they need to live healthy, empowered lives.

Challenge# 3: Closing the Data Loop
This problem statement seeks to address a current challenge experienced with a decision support application programmed in feature phones and used by community health workers to provide family planning counseling and services. This application utilizes GPRS to allow for the collection and reporting of data that will help to monitor service provision. Furthermore, it also utilizes SMS to send automated reminders to both CHWs and supervisors on weekly and monthly reports on service provision. The e-FP has several technological advantages including skip patterns, auto-data capture, real-time access to data, real-time data access, and portability. However, the data collected from the phone is sent directly to the central server, bypassing the facilities and district level, where supervisors of the community health workers are based. The supervisors currently receive aggregate data via SMS. The teams will be challenged to develop a complimentary application that will allow supervisors at facility and district levels to query data collected from the application and generate different types of customized reports.

IF you would like to participate, please register in the form below


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