Recap of Pitching Session for Startups, Congratulations to Victronix

On friday 27th of September, we had a successful pitching session for startups, for the Transform Africa Entrepreneurship 3.0S Workshop and Competition to be held in Kigali from October 28th – 31st 2013.

As a part of the Transform Africa Summit, the regionally focused and highly interactive E.3.0 S program will bring together 25 high-potential technology startups from around Africa to help enhance four capacities that strongly contribute to the success and growth of startups: Knowledge, network, financial and core (team motivation). The top five startups will also be awarded innovation grants.

Winners of the Pitching Session for Startups, Victronix 1st Place, Academify 2nd Place, and Kasole Secrets, 3rd Place, with the judges

On the day, 7 startups participated, Somatanzania, Kasole Secrets Company Limited, Academify, MamaTotoo, Onelimu, Jalnet Company Limited and Victronix

We also had in attendance judges, Editruda Dualinge, Bussiness Development Officer from DTBi , Iiro Kolehmainen, Associate Expert from TANZICT, Collin Gumbu, Business Development Manager DTBi and Jumanne Mtambalike, Buni Community Manager

All the pitches were great, and saw amazing products. From A school directory from Soma Tanzania, Ladies hygiene pads made from Bamboo from Kasole Secrets, A academic certifying system from Academify, A mobile system to help expectant mothers from Mamatotoo, A student and School Online management system from Onelimu and closely to that a management system of schools,Jolems from Jalnet, to An intelligent solar charging unit from Victronix, with an amazing business model.

All companies did a great job, but unfortunately in a competition there is only one winner, and so was this time too.

And the winner was Victronix with their Jirani Charger.

So Congratulations to Victronix, and we hope you will selected among the 25 high-potential technology startups and represent the hub and the Country. As we believe you are a great candidate for that.


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