Recap of AgriHack competition, Congratulations to Agri-Info

From 04 to 08 November 2013, CTA and the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI), Rwanda, will organize an international conference on ICT for Agriculture (ICT4Ag) in Kigali.
This event will examine how ICTs are truly empowering producers and consumers along the entire value chain

Participants and Judges of the Agri – Hackathon

One of the key activities planned to run in parallel to the conference is a pilot hackathon, focused on the agricultural sector, with the main objectives being

  • showcase the potentials of ICT applications in agriculture at the ICT4Ag conference;
  • support the development of ICT innovations and entrepreneurship in agriculture.

Representatives from selected hubs, (BUNI being one of them) will compete for prizes, representing their hubs and country.

Thereby a hackathon was organized last saturday, to get a representative of BUNI in the competition in Kigali.

Four team participated, with the problem statements being

Challenge 1:
How can bidirectional information sharing and communication between farmers and extension workers be encouraged or improved? Key areas of interest include information sharing and advisory on soil fertility, fertilizers, weather information, pests, diseases, access to localized farming inputs, multimedia content and ability to verify counterfeit products.

Challenge 2:
Through ICT applications, how can access to financial services be made easier for farmers through a disruptive, innovative tool?

The Teams, 255Soln4Agri, Pamoja , Agri-Info and Team Kilimo, had three hours to work on their ideas and come up with a presentation for our judging panel ( John Paul Baretto community Manager at KINU, Tony Severine from GoFinance, and Jumanne Mtambalike Community Manager at BUNI).

Great Ideas came by, during that period, a Team like 255Soln4Agri, was formed right there at the hackathon, and took less than three hours to come up with an idea, and a presentation for the judges.

255Soln4Agri Team, formed the same day, coming up with their idea

There were also hickups, like Team Kilimo lost there presentation, and maybe thereby spoiling their chances of winning.

But all in all congratulations to AgriInfo, the winner of the AgriHack. You will be hearing more from them.

The Winners of the Hackathon – AgriInfo

The team will now have not more than 5 weeks, to develop their product as much as they can, for the competition in Kigali.

All the best Agri-Info


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