SEMA Hackathon – 26th – 27th October ( Saturday and Sunday)

About the Hackathon:

The SEMA Hackathon, code named SEMA as it connected to the SEMA project, which stands for Sensors, Empowerment and Accountability. In this project we want to amplify the voice of ordinary citizens, to improve their capacity to directly influence public service delivery. in the SEMA Project, we believe that a single focus, either on citizens or on government, is too restrictive. Instead we examine how the relation between citizens and government can be improved via an innovative socio-technical system. we want to work on innovative solutions for connecting citizens to information systems in health and water. We build on top of existing software from the professional health sector, social media, crowd sourcing, human sensors, etc. One of the targets is building a mobile app for Android/Apple iOS and USSD based!

Venue: Buni hub ( COSTECH ground floor)
Date: 26 – 27 October 2013
Time: 0800 – 2200 everyday

Refreshments: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be served
Prizes: T-Shirts for all & Books (HTML5, PhoneGap and Java) for the winning teams

Registration: Free entrance. Just register by sending email to:

More information: Log on,


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