meetup session for female members of the Buni space

Buni is organizing meetup session for ladies of the Buni community to meet and exchange views and ideas about different stuffs that are happening at Buni and how they can form a stable ladies community within Buni.


Just recently Rose Funja and Grace Mkanyaga were the winners of the idea competition for ICT4ag in Dar es Salaam and they manage to represent us well in Kigali, Rwanda. This shows the impact that ladies from the Buni community can bring to our community if we are to work together in a more organized way.

Buni urged all ladies within the community and outside the community to be part of this new community that is about to be formed at Buni space. The community will involves ladies from all background who are using the space including programmers, entrepreneurs, designers, innovators, trainers and so on.

The meeting will be on Saturday 7th of December 2013 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. The meeting will focus more on trying to get the ladies involvement in different activities that are taking place at Buni. There will be experience sharing sessions and success stories from members of the space. We will elect leaders among the attendees and planning for sustainability of the community. We will discuss some initiatives and activities that will be facilitated by the community.

Please share this information with any Buni space lady you know. The session will be a platform to meet and interact to open new rooms of opportunities for ladies of our community. The venue of the session will be at Buni Space. Buni community managers will be the facilitators of the event. For any inquiry to hesitate to call Jumanne  0716-217621 or Brian  0789-607242


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