Brainstorming session on the Tanzania startup ecosystem

This Thursday 5th December 2013 from 2:00 pm up to 4:00 pm we will be having a brainstorming session about the Tanzanian startup ecosystem, the opportunities and the challenges facing local technology entrepreneurs and how to overcome them.

Part of the session will be to watch the documentary from YouTube “The startup Kids”, the documentary about the lives of young entrepreneurs specifically tech entrepreneurs. We will hear about their journey to Silicon Valley the challenges they have been facing and their success stories.
From the movie we will learn and compare the ecosystem of entrepreneurs in developed countries and compare with developing countries, the similarities and differences. We will share stories of local entrepreneurs and their journey to success and compare with the stories from the Silicon Valley. The main aim of the event is to learn and to be exposed on proper ways of running a successful start-up.

The facilitators of the discussion will be Buni Community Managers and the event will be at Buni. Please inform local start-up owners, the event is free for anyone to attend although we will prefer individuals with start-ups or planning to have the start-up company to attend so that we can be on the same line of discussion. For more details about the event please feel free to contact Jumanne (0716-217621) or Brian (0789-607242).


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