Recap of meeting with the UICT Community at University of Dar es salaam

UICT Community Members

On Friday 6th of December we were invited at the University of Dar es Salaam to welcome new members of the UICT community, the student community at the university which deals with career development and capacity building in technology and entrepreneurship. The community is formed by the computer science, IT and telecom students.

This year they were welcoming the freshers and exposing them to their community and the benefits of being a community member. Buni has been mentoring the community since it was formed and helping, to make it sustainable. The community invited us to talk to the new members of their community. The community leader, Mr. Amani Gachocha extended an invitation to Buni to talk to the new students.

Buni entrepreneur, Mr. Albany James was one of the speakers, Albany, the CEO and President of Apex Media which operates at Buni, is among the promising entrepreneurs. Albany spoke to the students about entrepreneurship and how someone should prepare himself to become an entrepreneur. Albany explained about setting up the entrepreneurship mind while still doing your course at the college or university. He told the students about how he started his company and the challenges he has been facing until this time.

The students were interested to hear about stuffs like funding opportunities, sustainability of small businesses and the general support of the ecosystem towards low level entrepreneurs. Albany told them the secrets behind funding and why they shouldn’t think too much on funding and focus more on delivering quality services or building quality products.

During the session we had a chance to expose the new members of the communities with the opportunities that are found at Buni.Most of the students were interested to hear about the “Buni Internship Programme” and ask on how they can be eligible to participate into the programme during their field break on January and February.

The meetup lasted about two hours from 16:00 to 18:00 in the evening. We received a lot of feedback about the session from the attendees and most of them were interested to continue the conversation through email and looking for personal mentorship. We encouraged them to work in teams and help each other to build a sustainable community.

Amani the community lead took over the meeting after we finished and continue to discuss with other community members about their plans and goals for 2014.


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