Android Bootcamp at the Buni Space

Happy New Year to all, Denis Minja Android expert is organizing Android Bootcamp at the Buni space from 13th-17th of January 2014. The five days training on AndroidCheck out all the photos from the kickoff technology and devices will help beginners and middle level Android developers to attain more skills in Android development.

The Bootcamp will be conducted daily from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. The attendees should commit for all five days. The trainer is volunteering to train for free but attendees should pay 10,000 Tanzanian Shillings refundable commitment fee from the first day of the training that will be refunded back on the last day upon commitment.

Course Description:
Study of fundamental concepts design strategies, tools and APIs to create advanced applications for mobile phones and occasionally connected mobile devices. Topics include design of mobile user interfaces application life-cycle, inter-process communication, content providers and mobile application monetization strategies. The target computing environment may change. Currently the course explores the Android Operating System and its supporting SDK.

Prerequisites for attending the bootcamp
– Basic Computer Operations
– Basic knowledge of any programming concepts
– Clear settings and usage

Topics to be covered
– Targeting Android
– The Big Picture
– Development and environment
– User Interfaces – Intents and services
– Android SQLite and database overview
– Putting it all together–the Field Service Application
– Mobile applications monetization

Learning Resources
-Visit Android’s web site at
-Visit Eclipse’s web site at
– Videos on Android at
– Android Development Community
– Official Android Market

Note: For any queries you can call Jumanne (0716 217621) or Brian (0789 607242). Please don’t come if you can’t commit for five days.


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