Recap of Udiemso Community Leaders capacity building programme at University of Dar es salaam.


University of Dar es Salaam Industrial Engineering and Management Student Organization

UDIEMSO is the University of Dar es Salaam Industrial Engineering and Management Students Organization, which deals with promoting the development of Industrial Engineering field together with new insights on career development and capacity building in technology and entrepreneurship. The community invited Mr.Jumanne Mtambalike, Innovation Space Manager Trainee for a leaders capacity building training that took place at the University premises, College of Engineering and technology COET, Department of Mechanical and Industrial engineering.

The organization general secretary Mr. Katera Ahad, extended an invitation to Innovation space Manager Trainee, aiming towards training the leaders on strategies towards sustainable community development.

Mr. Jumanne talked on the most important key aspects to be kept into consideration in the development of any sustainable community including responsibilities of community members, relationship between leaders and members, community value, communication skills, community partners, understanding key community activities, bootstrapping and so much more. 

He also explained on how the organization can direct engaged with innovation space or BUNI in ICT, entrepreneurship and innovation and informed the leaders that the space is a place to work on their different projects , ideas or businesses.

Other invited guests, including Mr. Rogers Katuma current president of Dar es Salaam University Finance Association, DUFA also had an opportunity to share his experience from his association.

The event lasted for about two hours from 1100hrs to 1300hrs in the afternoon, with the chairman of the organization Mr. Mnale Frobin extends his gratitude and thanks for the invitation acceptance and the training as well, revealing that it was a great chance for our community to learn and make the right move towards creating a sustainable organization.

Recap prepared by the student community general secretary Mr. Katera Ahad.


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