Internship opportunity – Buni

After a very successful first batch of the internship program, we now invite people for the second batch. The purpose of the program being to provide a quality practical field, and learning opportunity for computer science or IT related people who can and are willing to commit their time, efforts and energy into it, also have a willingness to collaborate with others.

The internship will run for 6 – 8 weeks, from the end of January. People who will be selected will be working in groups, full time on projects. Projects that we hope will have a certain impact to the community, that can be rolled out or used straight away. After the programme, the groups, will be required to present the projects to Buni members.

If you are interested please fill in the registration Form. Space limited to 15 participants only.

The interns wont get paid.


2 thoughts on “Internship opportunity – Buni

    • Hi Dannie,

      To answer your question, the interns wont´t get paid, put you´ll get good connections and valuable practical experience!

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