Opportunity analysis and business idea workshop


This Friday 10th of January 2014 there will be a workshop on Enterprise Development the workshop will focus on “Opportunity analysis and business ideas” The workshop is organized by professional business trainers. The workshop will run for  three hours from 10:00 am to 01:00 pm. The workshop will cover different aspects of Enterprise Development Including: An overview of enterprise development model, Self awareness and motivation to start business, Identifying business opportunities, The difference between  idea and opportunity and critical analysis of sources of business opportunities. The workshop will take place at Buni Space ground floor COSTECH building. 

The workshop is free of charge and anyone running a small business or developing a business idea can attend the session. The session will be interactive and you will be required to do some assignments. Training methodology will be brainstorming and experience sharing.

We are encouraging individuals with small companies and teams working on their ideas to participate in this session so that they can build their idea better and explore more opportunities that available out there. 

For more details of the workshop you can reach the facilitators directly Madam Ndiliwe and Mr.Malosha through mobile numbers (0763818573, 0784887475)




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