Recap of Android BootCamp at Buni Innovation Space

Android BootCamp part of Mobile BootCamp Tanzania, is an initiative and the startup started by young developers who are passionate mobile application development and its impacts to the community. The idea is to train youth on mobile application development in form of phases which includes two phases. First phase is beginners stage where we expose youth in most of the features in android development and the second phase the intermediate phase where youth will get to create and develop android apps with android database and remote database.

Participants of the Bootcamp

Participants of the Bootcamp

This year Mobile BootCamp Tanzania together with Buni Hub we have conducted the five days training from 13th to 17th January 2014. It was such an eventful experience see youth from different places growing and become inspired in android mobile application development.

During the training we have gone through number of concepts not just android applications programming part. We started with the overview of the entire training and develop our first android application (Not Hello World). Show some inspirational videos and there i saw their eagerness to learn more rise.

Participants having a discussion during the training

Participants having a discussion during the training

We went through implementation of different android features, cover some concepts on user interface design where i get to see students interface change from that day in terms of colors they use kind of icons and features they implement all that to try increase “User Experience” on their apps, other than that students got the chance to visit different apps store and open an account on samsung apps store where they will use to publish their mobile apps.

Up to the last day student were able to create 3 complete mobile applications(compiled for the training) with alot of android feature and learn about procedures and standards required to publish android applications, learn mobile entrepreneurship and mobile application monetization strategies and the challenges that Africa is facing.

Georgia, one of the trainers, explaining a concept during the training

Georgia, one of the trainers, explaining a concept during the training

The training was over after five days of being full informed about the android application development and mobile world, then we receive feedback from students

The crucial and very interesting feedback was to conduct another training that will cover the advanced part of android application development like interact with android database and remote database for android applications. This kind of feedback tells us two things, one the people we have trained do have interest in android application development and two the group will like to stick together create apps from what they have learn and afterwards go to the advance stage of the training.

The venue was super great,the arrangement, the freedom of creativity, the commitment from Buni Innovation Space (Brian and Jumanne) and the commitment from student themselves. We have achieved what we’ve planned and more and for that we are grateful.

Dennis closing of the bootcamp

Dennis closing of the bootcamp

One of the Feedback one of participants was

The training was awesome!!! The Instructor was really intending to teach android development for beginners.
The logical flow of programming make it easier to be understood and followed.
Programming became fun!!!  The reasons as to why errors/ bugs happened to the codes and the way they were handled was perfectly make sense (even to the beginners of programming). Time management was perfect!!! Though not all features have been implemented but the ones were well done!
The instructor was really passionate / tolerant (am not sure because he knew that we were beginners….)
That’s it.

Another participant said

it was great.. but sadly we couldn’t cover the backend connectivity as database and other things but.. it was awesome.. i understood all the basic things in creating apps which is important… so yeah thanks alot but we want more advance training… thank you


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