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BUNI is organizing a Friday talk well known as a Friday presentation which starts on 7th February 2014 and will be exercised every Friday continuously until further notice. This talk will start at 02:00pm to 03:00pm.

Everyone is warmly welcomed, to present whatever they enjoy doing that will be educative and that the audience would find interesting.This talk will take place at the BUNI Hub found inside the cos-tech building on the ground floor.

This event will not charge any fee,for the main aim of organizing this Friday Talk is to train people to overcome fear of speaking in front a big crowd so its not an official talk.But an exchanging ideas talk,and sharing of questions and answers every after a presentation.


2 thoughts on “THE FRIDAY TALK

  1. This is a very nice idea!!! it’s really going to help us acquire confidence and how to communicate in public!!

  2. nice idea but…”whatever they enjoy doing that will be educative” ??? it would be more relevant if you could give us more examples from past talker maybe so we get the glimpse of what to represent Sasha.

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