From Idea to opportunity – What is a winning idea? How you can get one?

This session will be conducted by an Entrepreneurship Specialist Dr.Sara. She will introduce various practical tools to generate good ideas, and discuss ways to exploit opportunities.This event will take place at the BUNI HUB. The event will be happening every tuesday, starting from 11th February 2014. It will take up to 2hours starting from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Dr. Sara Lev is an Entrepreneurship specialist. Dr. Lev graduated Computer Science engineering, and earned a Ph.D in Business Strategy & Entrepreneurship at the Technion, Israel. She served as VP for business development in Carmel, Haifa University Economic Corporation, and teaches MBA courses in the University of Haifa and in the Technion. Dr. Lev has a great interest in social entrepreneurship and innovation processes as applied in high tech organizations in Israel, Africa and worldwide.

The BUNI HUB will take maximum ten people for the session.
If you are interested please register below, for Tuesday 11th February session.


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