Recap: Turning ideas into opportunities, first session

Dr Lev, An Entrepreneurship specialist, conducted the first session of “Turning Ideas into Opportunities” . The session is about how to generate good ideas, and how to exploit opportunities. How to change an idea to an opportunity, what is a winning idea? and how you can get one.

In the session Dr.Lev presented on how to come up with ideas by thinking out of the box, thinking big initially without judging at first, then sorting out a sensible idea from the main methodologies.

We discussed different methodologies that one can use, in coming up with innovative ideas.

  • Addition, is used when an idea/product gets an addition of a feature, just for simplification and creativeness for the user. Example a camera being added on a phone.
  • Subtraction, is used when the idea/product is formed by extracting a feature from an existing invention. Example a laptop to a tablet.
  • Change, is used when an idea/product experiences different architectural design change. Example change of color or material. Imagine a glove, changes in materials and colors, gives it a very different look and use.
  • Decrease is used when the product/idea is reduced in size or weight example, the pillcam invention, coming from a rocket used in military.
  • Increase is used when an idea/product is derived from an increase in size or weight. Example a spoon when its elongated it turns out to be a spade.
  • New perspective or change of context, if you can take a product and change the context to which the product can be used, emerging with a same product or similar product, but different ways to use it.  
  • Combination is using of more than one methodology in coming up with an idea/product.

Dr Lev shared a few videos about the Startup country, Israel and their successful inventions,which were very inspiring and educative. Materials from the session will be shared, through the created facebook group, that everyone is welcomed to join.

The first session was based solely on technology driven innovation, and the second session will be on market driven innovation

This session continues every tuesday at bunihub  inside COSTECH building, ground floor. The session lasts for two hours from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.No fee is charged to all.Free space free learning.

by Sasha Ismail


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