The Dar es Salaam Open Knowledge Community First Meet up

The Dar es Salaam Open Knowledge Community (DOKCO) is pleased to invite open knowledge and open data enthusiasts in Dar es Salaam to attend a local community meet up that will be convened at the Buni Space (COSTECH Building) on Wednesday 19th February 2014 (6:00 pm-7:30 pm)

Local Group Meetups are informal, friendly get-togethers used to meet like-minded people living in the same city or geographical area. The general purpose of organizing the first local meet up in Dar es Salaam is to bring together open knowledge enthusiasts and arousing their interest to converse over open knowledge issues. The local open knowledge community is a self-organizing group that aims at identifying open knowledge opportunities and related issues to be addressed through community participation, and government action. 

The specific objectives of the current meet up are as follows:

  1. To bring together and identify more open data enthusiasts in Dar es Salaam and Tanzania in general
  2. To share each other’s open knowledge and expertise
  3. To identify and plan innovative open knowledge/data projects and forming working groups along the projects.

Who can attend?

Anyone with interest in open data, open knowledge, open government, open educational resources, open software, open source license etc.

Meet up Agenda

  1. General introduction about the field of open knowledge/data
  2. Current (open…) opportunities that can be exploited by the DOKCO community
  3. Community membership and values
  4. Brain storming on the direction of the community (potential innovative projects etc.)


DOKCO is part of the Open Knowledge Foundation Network (OKFN) that works to promote open data and open knowledge standards around the globe.

 Written by Sasha Ismail


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