Afrimaker visit to Buni Hub

The visit by Afrimaker to Buni Hub was interesting occasion for individuals interested in electronics and telecommunication at the hub. The event was about how electronics knowledge  can be fostered to the children and individuals having no background in electronics. The aim of the project is to help communities to create ambassadors who can be used to train others basic electronics skills using simple electronics tools.


Stefania explaining a concept

The session was supported by the Afrimaker team. The leader of the the Afrimaker team is a lady from Romania called Stefania Druga. Miss Druga started the initiative from Romania and she has been moving in some countries in Africa spreading the campaign. Before she come to Dar es Salaam last week, she was in Egypt and Kenya and now she is in Rwanda.

Last week they organized several activities in Dar es Salaam in collaboration with Kinu co-creation hub.This week on Monday the Afrimakers team was at the Buni hub working with the community members. With the help of Victor Augustine from Victronix company limited, a company dealing with electronics. They were able to train few individuals at the hub on the tools and devices used by Afrimakers.

Stefania was so inspired with the spirit and interest shown by the community members. She also talks about the necessity of engaging individuals to make electronics physical devices. She said “We are teaching people how to code but we should also understand that it’s not one single bullet that sorts out all our problems. You can create the software but sadly many people in this country still don’t have the hardware.This makes you start thinking about what  holistic solution should be for many problems out there.”


Audience during the session

The session grabbed a lot of audiences including the hub members and non members. The session was informative to listen  and get some knowledge on electronic gadgets and how they perform.

Each team of the participants received a HacKidemia maker box of tools, each team was trained in order to organize and to run hands-on workshops in local private and public schools.

The Hackidemia maker box of tools contains,  4 Arduino, 2 Mikey-Makey, 1 Raspberry Pie an RFID starter kit a Soldering kit useful for up cycling and building electronics 5 Humidity and Temperature sensors 2 Pulse sensors, 1 Color detector sensor, 1 Carbon Monoxide sensor and a Camera module. 

At the end of the session Afrimaker’s group  share the knowledge and the tools they have to the community members. The main aim is to emphasize the the use of electronic concepts and tools to solve the Tanzanian social  problems and developing culture of creativity using electronics tools.

According to the Afrimaker team the goal for the workshops is to introduce the maker culture in many young citizen across Africa. They believe they  can train over 1000 young innovators before the end of 2014. The aims is to come up with innovative, cost-effective solutions such as intelligent light control, solar lamps, water purifiers and so on.


Getting experience on using the devices

During the session the participants they were able to create and assemble the electronic circuit and able to execute the computer programmed controller devices in order to have the basic knowledge. For example the participants were able to connect and make simple programmed system that can make the three colored LED to light up simultaneously and created simple programmed vibrator.

Lastly, Stefania advised the participants to share the knowledge with other people who are in need of the knowledge, including private school, public school, higher educational institutions and alike. She wanted the ambassadors to work on the theme which was

” electronics ideas for the innovation and development of the younger generation” .

By Abdulswamadu Ally 


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