Social media for growth forum at Buni hub

The Super Social Networkers (TSSN)  is a forum that aims to expose youth into the opportunities available from positive usage  of social media platforms.


The forum will help to encourage youth on positive use of social media through learning from successful Tanzanian youth who have managed to use these platforms to leverage their success in different industries.

TSSN is about how you use social networks platform  like Facebook, Twitter & many others to increase your potentials and upgrade your talent.

The core organizers of TSSN is a programme called ICT  Careers Fostering (ICF). ICT Careers Fostering is a program that engage youth into Information and Communication Technology, Improving their ICT skills and promoting their innovation through technology. The programme targets youth from secondary and high schools in Tanzania. The programme lead Amani Temu  is the young individual who has been exposed to the Tanzania technology industry and want to share experience with other youth.

The event will be on this Saturday 22nd February 2014 at Buni Hub from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The event is free for any youth who want to attend and be exposed to these opportunities. Buni hub is inside COSTECH building, ground floor, Kijitonyama.

List Of Speakers

Osse Greca Sinare, a young Tanzanian photographer much known of his creativity and superb portraits . He has been called for different interviews from within the country and out. His name and his work has appeared in some of the most popular websites like Africa-vogue,fashion & FAS magazine. He has achieved the 2012 & 2013 best fashion photographer (Swahili fashion week) and also currently named as one of the influential youth in Tanzania.
Adam Anthony, well known as an environmental activist on climate change and a Director of Daelit Group. Adam has participated in various of environmental forums all over  the world, from the COP 19 in Poland, Ukraine for the climate change forum, Mo Ibrahim youth forum in Ghana to the restless development forums in Senegal. Adam has achieved awards from the Jane Goddal Awards to the 2013 Under 30 Awards in Tanzania

Reena Pandya, well known as Raha’s ninja a very young corporate executive with outstanding skills in business marketing. Being a young woman in the corporate arena has always been a challenge to her. As the old adage says, what doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger. She has been the mastermind behind the Raha Broadband marketing campaigns, her ideas in reaching the final consumers has been outstanding to the point they call her ‘The Corporate Ninja’ at Raha company.

Pedaiah John, having a Bachelor (Honors) in software Engineering in 2012.He first started modeling after he completed high school and was introduced to one of the best fashion photographers in East Africa, Osse Greca Sinare. He has worked with several other photographers and models. He has also been featured in newspapers, magazines, calendars, and other blogs. Pedaiah has currently achieved an award as an upcoming best male model in the Swahili Fashion Week awards.

Domitila Silayo a university student and also the founder of Jatropha Soap Production in Tanzania, which produces handmade soap with medicinal uses. The idea of producing Jatropha soap came to her when she and her brother attended an agricultural festival in 2012. Silayo was the second runner up for the 2013 Anzisha Prize, a competition that recognises and celebrates young entrepreneurs in Africa who are using entrepreneurship to solve problems in their communities.

The speakers will share their experience on how social media has helped them to develop their careers. You are all invited to this amazing session to hear the success stories of these energetic youth at Buni hub.


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