Workshop on building start-ups by Minna Takala


Lecturer Minna Takala

It is another great opportunity to be exposed to the industry expert . Next week Wednesday 5th March, 2014. There will be a session at Buni hub on Start-up management, getting ready for business, team formation, special business models and working on creative ideas and how they can lead to successful business.

Due to the request of the community managers, the workshop will focus more on team formation, since it is a big challenge to most of the start-ups in Tanzania. Things like, choosing the right partner(s) and forming joint ventures for your business and sustaining a stable relationship for business growth.

The workshop will also cover some different aspects of innovation and creativity in relation to start-ups and small businesses. The session will be from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at Buni hub, COSTECH building ground floor, Kijitonyama. Individuals in the session will be required to work in teams of 3 to 6 members with estimate of 6 teams.We will preferably work with real business ideas.  The facilitator of the session is Minna Takala from Tech Lic. Linna BikeShop Ltd. & QIS Ltd. .

Key points during the workshop will be:

  • Team formation:  how to work together, complementary skills and roles,  social media tools for working, Stages: forming, storming, norming & performing.  Belbin team roles, understanding better each other.
  • Business model: How to make money?  How to set up your business? Customers, and other financial stakeholders. Business model canvas.
  • Idea generation:  from creative idealization to efficient implementation. Generating ideas, selecting ideas, implementing ideas. How to define action points, responsibilities and scheduling and Follow up.

About Minna:

Minna has been working in the academia related to international business, entrepreneurship and innovation and in the telecom industry for 20 years. And she has started two companies of her own.  Minna has given presentations, lectures and facilitated workshops for both academic and business audiences in Africa, Asia, US and in Europe. She is currently working with collaborative development projects and professional use of social media in business context.


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