Join Buni Mentoring Programme

Mentor-ship Programme Model - Blank-Opportunity from Buni, Buni hub managers will be taking teams to mentor on their projects or ideas. The programme will be taking place after every three month. In each period of the programme a maximum of four teams will be selected through interviews with the hub managers. Team members will be meeting with Buni hub managers for a maximum of four hours in a week for three months.

Throughout this period, the hub managers will be helping them to develop their products and finish them on time. The hub managers will help them to work on the business side of their projects or ideas while seeking possible technical support from elsewhere to help them develop and build great products.

The selection process for teams entering into the programme will be done by hub managers. We encourage individuals working on their products or prototypes for their ideas to apply for the programme. The next batch of the programme will begin next month. If you want to take your product or idea to the next level, then this is the platform you want to use. The prerequisite for the programme is to have the idea or product ready with you. For more details on the programme,visit our offices or email hub managers, .


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