Bring your idea, leave with inspiration and a competitive advantage

Workshop_16th_april (1)On Wednesday the 16th of April, from  14.00 to 16.00,  a Swedish team of entrepreneur master students will come and host a workshop at Buni Hub, COSTECH building, ground floor. The workshop purpose is to find and highlight what makes your idea different, that is what would make it stand out from the crowd! This differentiation is critical to build sustainable growth for a business.

The workshop is designed for your idea to be the focus, you will be able to reflect and work on your own idea while getting input from the workshop team and from the other participants. We will discuss business differentiation and how to build a business that can sustain competition.

This workshop is open to all. We welcome participants with an idea, a project or a business looking for inspiration and hopefully some new insights.

Four pages explanation on how to use the tool can be downloaded from here
The presentation slides of the event can be downloaded from here


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