Buni community meetup

              Buni Community Meet-up

To all community members, Buni is organizing community meet-up for all users of the hub. We expect all regular users of the hub to attend the meet-up. During the meet-up we will discuss different things that will help us to improve how we do things at the hub. We will share statistics and records of the hub and plan together for the way forward.

The Agenda of the meet-up;

  • The new registration system and the necessity of identity cards to all members
  • Getting introduced to the Buni Mentoring Programme (BMP)
  • Getting introduced to the Buni Interns Programme (BIP)
  • Getting introduced to Buni Communities
    • Buni Ladies Community
    • Buni mentored college communities
    • Maker Community
    • Open-data community
  • Getting exposed to the opportunities and upcoming events and activities at the hub.
  • We will also discuss about the challenges that the hub is facing in dealing with individuals who fails to comprehend the rules and regulations of the hub.

Please make sure you attend the meet-up session and give your feedback to improve the way we work together at our hub. The session will be on Thursday 22nd May 2014 in the afternoon from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Please share the information with others. We will appreciate if you all attend this session. For more details you can email to brian@tanzict.or.tz or jumanne@tanzict.or.tz.



2 thoughts on “Buni community meetup

  1. I am a member. Registered within the old system, but I am out of the country at the moment. How will this new registration affect me.

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